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56Films is a production company specializing in documentary films as well as television production. Founded by journalist-documentary filmmaker Réka Pigniczky and corporate finance consultant Barnabas Gero in 2005, 56Films strives to tell compelling stories from the personal point of view.
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In commemoration of the 57th anniversary of the defeat of the Hungarian Revolution, Journey Home, Réka Pigniczky's first film, is now screening on our website, free of charge.  Happy viewing! Please share this link with your friends - comments welcome. This is the English-language version: subtitles in English.

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1, January 2014

Click here to see Reka Pigniczky's documentary (part I) on Duna World (air date: December 22nd). Next air date for Part II: January 19, 2014).

1, January 2014

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10, May 2014

HERITAGE (Megmaradni) to be screened in Gainesville, Florida on May 10th during the American Hungarian Educators' Association (AHEA) conference


22, November 2013 - 24, November 2013

The 2nd Annual Hungarian Film Festival of San Francisco will take place between November 22-24 at the Coppola Theater at San Francisco State University's Cinema Department. 

Admission is free, but seating is limited. 

Highlights of the Festival...

A half hour documentary about Hungarians in California, featuring director Réka Pigniczky, was recently aired on Duna World Television. The film is in Hungarian only, and broadcast to all Hungarians living abroad on a program called "5 Continents, 1 Nation." Directed by Anita Jankó.